Downloadable PDF

We invite you to help create a post pandemic “Tool Kit” exploring the following questions:

What do you most want to keep?

What is something new you want to add?

What do you want to throw away?

Download this PDF (link) to share your thoughts

Feel free to draw, paint, collage, write, etc. your response and return it to us via email or Post.

Scan or photograph and then mail to

Mailing address:

Starting from Zero
Krossener Str. 24
10245 Berlin

“what should we keep“ written in white on an image of an open hand, palm up, in a blue and grey circle inside a red square. In the center of the palm is a white circle of light.
“what should we add“ written in white on an image of a black plus sign on top of layers of colored semi-translucent paper in red, purple, white and dove grey.
“what should we throw away” written in white on an image of white pieces of torn paper scattered on a sky blue square.

PLEASE NOTE: we might show your response publicly in the form of a poster exhibition or on our media channels as part of an awareness campaign in Germany and abroad. By sharing your response with us, you consent to this usage.