Starting From Zero:

Starting from Zero was a creative research project which investigated disabled artists’ and cultural workers’ access to culture throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Created by Berlinklusion, this project was an attempt to raise public awareness and create dialogue about the current state and future of access in the cultural sphere. It specifically looked at cultural shifts that were a direct result of the Pandemic, inviting creative opportunities for exchange around solutions for a post pandemic future in which access to culture is a given.

The results were presented in multiple ways: in the form of posters placed in public spaces throughout Berlin, as an audio/visual sound piece and as written analysis. We hope the public presentation of this project encouraged dialogue and exchange around access to culture. In addition, the results of this survey were used to generate a report on accessibility for the Senat in Berlin. We hope the results of the survey were useful to the cultural sector as a way to expand access.


Berlinklusion is a network for accessibility in arts and culture. Led by Kate Brehme, Dirk Sorge, Jovana Komnenic and Kirstin Broussard, a mix of disabled and non-disabled artists and arts mediators, we seek to positively change Berlin’s cultural landscape by promoting inclusion and improving accessibility for artists, cultural workers, participants and audiences with and without disabilities.

You can find out more about us and what we do at www.Berlinklusion.de