Leaflet by post

We invite you to help create a post pandemic “Tool Kit” exploring the following questions:

What do you most want to keep?

What is something new you want to add?

What do you want to throw away?

Give us your address ( Kontakt@StartingFromZero.de ) and we will mail you a printed version of this leaflet to respond to creatively.

Three squares in a row. The left square shows an open hand, palm up, in a blue and grey circle inside a red square, in the center of the palm is a white circle of light. The center square shows a black plus sign on top of layers of colored semi-translucent paper in red, purple, white and dove grey. The right square shows white pieces of torn paper scattered on a sky blue square.

PLEASE NOTE: we might show your response publicly in the form of a poster exhibition or on our media channels as part of an awareness campaign in Germany and abroad. By sharing your response with us, you consent to this usage.